Development with Purpose

We provide comprehensive property development services from the concept of design through the opening.

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With the mental image of a future that is powerful enough to affect the present, we envision the master plan of the property development services.


We take purposeful aging into consideration in every step of our property development services to truly create an environment that drives enthusiasm.


The vision of purpose does not falter out after development is complete. Purpose thrives in all L4 communities as members realize what they live for.

From the very beginning, we think through the physical space of the best way of designing a community to foster purposeful aging. We consider the grounds the community is built on through to the master plan of the campus itself for a successful intergenerational platform. Whether it is before initial construction or after a community layout is built, we take into consideration every aspect of planning a community that fosters purposeful aging. After, we also take into retrospect how to encompass meaning in programming and the way space is configured so we can make a compelling impact with property development services.

Past Projects

Senior Living in Carthage, TN

Carthage, TN

Senior Living in Lebanon, TN

Lebanon, TN

Senior Living in Lebanon, TN

Lebanon, TN

Our Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Master Planning Oversight
  • Market Review and Assessment
  • Design Team Assembly
  • Budget Preparation and Reviews
  • Sales Preparation
  • Operational Planning
  • Construction Oversight
  • Move-in Coordination
  • Resident Customization
  • Service Implementation

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